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Raising pets is becoming a trend all over the world. Nowadays, you can only bring up your lovely pet in real life but also in virtual life, especially animal games.

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1.   Animal Shelter

Look after poor animals in this game.

It slowly peeped out its long neck and its eyes stared fearfully at you but with longing desperate expressed in its face. Its skin turned purple with the cold and the deep sadness sank into his dry cracked skin. This is Tim, a turtle and homeless, he might end up like many other abandoned animals, lost and lonely in a cardboard box on the highway. All animals deserve a home and a loving family. It’s up to you to give it some help in Animal Shelter.

In this click and point fun animal care game, you will look after a range of furry little creatures, and Tim. Take flattering snaps of the animals and spend money on advertisement so that they will find a loving household to adopt them. Buy upgrades for food, medicine, entertainment, and comfort to make sure that the animals are happy and looked after.

2.   Pet Swing Set Puzzle Mania

To win this game, you need to use your logical thinking.

As multiplayer animal games online free, Pet Swing Set Puzzle Mania takes pictures of cute, cuddly pets and turns them into horrendous monstrosities scattered across a number of puzzle pieces. If you want to restore some orders, you’ll need to rotate these puzzle pieces until you can fit them all together and recreate the original image.

This free pet game features some beautiful classic piano music in the background to keep you motivated and seeking the light. The less time it takes you to solve each puzzle, the higher your score will be. Now, if only there was a way to input images of your own pets so that you could solve puzzles of their cute faces.

3.   Pets Care

Are you willing to take care of cute pets?

In Pets Care, you need to look after your cute pets. This free online pet game has you help the cats and dogs with whatever they need. They will indicate what they want and you just need to give it to them. It’s so easy. Will you be able to serve the pets with ease or will you get caught up and lose yourself? Come try now.

While playing this top game, don’t forget that the pets need you to be nice to them. Ensure that you give them a pet so they know you’re being nice to them, too.

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